Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I am on vacation this week, visiting my family in Kentucky. After a year in Florida, the deep green hills of home are a welcome change. The beaches in Tarpon Springs are not exactly hard on the eyes, but change is nice.

You can see from the picture of Grayson Lake above that it is lovely here. Hanging with the grandchildren at the lake and watching movies in the evening may not sound like the most exciting vacation, but it is just what I needed. This is a quiet relaxing time with people I love.Most of all this is home. From my perspective, the only thing that would make this vacation better is to have Sarah here with me.

That may not be the case for the whole family. Shawn, my oldest grandson, is a year away from college and the two of us have been looking at what he needs to accomplish this year to get ready. He isn't always happy with what he's finding out about the costs of slacking off early in his high school career. He had to rule out a couple of his top choices for colleges because he didn't work hard enough. Also, my son-in-law might want his recliner back. Jim always insists that I stay put when he comes in and finds me in his chair, but has made a comment or two about how comfortable it is. I should feel guilty about stealing the recliner from him, but he's right. I may have to get one like his.

Next week, I have to get back to polishing my pitch for Concealed in Ash. The Historical Novel Society meeting is just around the corner. Now that Strangely Funny is closed to submissions, my job as publisher kicks into high gear. I've got a presentation to polish, a short story to finish, and a stack of corrections to finish. My desk is piled high. My bare feet don't care. I'm home. I'm lazy. I've laid claim to a great recliner. Best of all, I have a wonderful Kentucky family all around me. Who could ask for more?