Sunday, July 14, 2013

Strangely Funny Stories and Authors

Yesterday I promised that I would reveal the names and story titles of all the stories selected for our first anthology. This is a lineup that is sure to leave you laughing. So here goes:

The Best of Taste 
Once Upon a Gnome 
The taste of Copper 
by Alex Azar
County Water 
by David Bernard
Something Plucked this Way Comes 
Tom & the Roadside Cafe 
by Kimberly Colley
Criticus Ex Machina 
Happy Anniversary 
by Laura Huntley
Window Watching 
by Joseph Jude
by John Lance
Jake Blossom, Pixie Detective 
A Proper Job for a Lad
Tommy and the Trolls 
by James McCormick
One Scareful Owner 
What were You Drinking  
by David Perlmutter
No More Blue Pills 
The Homunculus Caper  
Aunt Bessie and the 'It' 
If You Can't Trust a Rhyming Demon, Can You Trust a Demon not to Rhyme?
 by David Seigler
We Bring Them Back. For You! 
I Must Be Your First 
Down for the Count 
by Ted Wenskus

As you can see it is quite a cast of characters. The stories are pretty good too.  

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