Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Flashshot Schedule

The fall schedule for Flashshot has been posted. Three of my drabbles appear in the rotation:

August 29, 2006: Momma Keeps Her Word

October 9, 2006: Always Wear Protection

November 20, 2006: Perfect Moments

"Screams," my first Flashshot story was #143 in Volume I. After not submitting anything to last year's volume of Flashshot I am looking forward to coming back with three stories in Volume III.

Humm...does this mean I need to get four accepted next year?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Constructive Criticism Places Third


Constructive Criticism by Gwen Mayo. A grim reminder of why one shouldn't tweak the local building inspector, particularly with those big construction guys running the job site. A great title for a great story.

The above quote is from the email I received from Anna Lascurain about my submission to the mystery contest "A Murder to Die For", sponsored by Darker Intentions Press, Freehold Township, NJ. It was a fun contest, and I am looking forward to seeing the prize arrive in the mail.