Sunday, June 06, 2010

Amazon Author Pages

The idea of author pages at Amazon is pretty cool. Having only one short story show up on mine is not so cool. If you like my story in the Halloween anthology you might pick up Low Down and Derby, a Kentucky Derby themed anthology from the Ohio River Valley Chapter of Sisters in Crime. It doesn't show up on the page but it is available on Amazon.

There is more to come. Pill Hill Press will be releasing a collection of flash fiction soon with one of my stories, and there is a new collection of stories from the Ohio River Valley Sisters in Crime coming together. This time the theme is Bourbon.

The big disadvantage of only publishing short fiction. It vanishes quickly. The trouble is, I love short fiction. It is like popcorn, and you can see from the photo on my page that I love popcorn. However, popcorn isn't everything. It is time for some meat and potatoes work. I am hoping that sometime soon my first novel will join this collection of Halloween stories. A second novel is in the works so stay tuned.

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