Friday, June 25, 2010

Guest Blogging on Chris Redding's Blog

Sarah has added a link to my blog for Chris Redding. Chris belongs to Romance Writers of America. Her books are a blend of romance and mystery. You can check out her site from the link in the side bar on this page.

On August 18 I will be guest blogging on her site for Recipe Wednesday. I have decided to do a recipe for Beulah's Maple Fudge. Her maple fudge is a favorite of Nessa's so it seems the perfect choice for a recipe from Circle of Dishonor. Now all I have to do is come up with a recipe that is authentic to 1879. After all, I can't have Miss Beulah cooking with something that didn't exist in 1879. Meanwhile, folks in my office are looking forward to taste testing different maple fudge recipes and deciding which one Beulah cooks up.

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