Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Christmas Story for 2012

I promised a more cheerful Christmas story for 2012, so here it is:

A Christmas Story for 2012
By: Gwen Mayo

"I won't do it," Santa fumed.

"Now Dear, you can't disappoint the children," his wife said, in her most soothing tones. "You have to be willing to make sacrifices."

"But this..."

He looked in the three way mirror at the sequined suit that glowed brighter than Rudolph's nose. Just thinking about the casino ads on the sides and bottom of his sleigh made him cringe.

"We can't afford all those toys without a corporate sponsor. It could have been much worse." She said, pointing to the team waiting to be hitched toe his sleigh. "You have to set an example for your reindeer. How do you think Prancer and Dancer feel?"

Santa looked at his team and sighed. He picked up the shiny red top hat and kissed her on the cheek.

"You're right Martha. If they can wear stiletto heels and boas, I've no business complaining about sequins."


Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Christmas Story before the End of the World

Most of my friends know I have an addiction to writing tiny little stories. I thought that on the eve of the end of the world I would share one of my favorite seasonal ones with readers.

The following little Christmas story appeared in Flashshot on December 23, 2010. I thought it was the perfect tale to repeat today. I hope you agree.

Clockwork Christmas
By Gwen Mayo

Edith loved Christmas. She delighted in decorating.

His inventions weren’t able to stop the progression of her illness. Harvey smiled and adjusted the gears of his clockwork wife.

This year would be different.

He threw open the drapes so the neighborhood could watch Edith decorate the tree.

The snowball fight on his front lawn abruptly ended. Frightened children ran home to their mothers.

He saw pointing fingers followed by closed shades.

Gears turned and clockwork Edith followed his wife’s commands.

Harvey smiled.

 “Just wait Edith,” he said. “Christmas Eve I’ll let you fly the clockwork sleigh with my zombie Santa.”


For the record, I don't believe that the world is going to end tomorrow. If I did, I am sure I would be rambling off more profound thoughts.

Okay, even if I knew the world was ending I would still be eating cookies and writing silly stories. Chocolate chip anyone? They're yummy.