Saturday, July 13, 2013

Counting Down to Release of Our First Anthology

On August 1st Mystery and Horror, LLC will release Strangely Funny, the first of three anthologies planned for 2013. Now we are in a wild race to release date, and have tons of work to do every day for the next month. Along with the countdown to publication there is a sense of excitement as the date approaches. We will be talking more about plans for the online release party.

Starting in August, the Mystery and Horror blog will have a new author profile each day. In conjunction with the online launch party we will be hosting on our Facebook page, Sarah and I are going to be doing a blog tour and giving away books. We may even show up on Blog Talk Radio, but more on that later. I can't tell you everything today. You wouldn't have a reason to click that like button on our Facebook page. Of course, if you just can't wait to buy a copy, visit our pre-order page and reserve one now.

Don't think that Sarah and I will be the only ones excited about our first release. Several writers in the anthology are planning their own events. Those too will be listed on Facebook, so check it out. If you want to know who those writers are, come back tomorrow and I will post a list of story titles and authors to this blog.

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