Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Launch Day for All Hallows' Evil

There is a listing of authors and story titles on the Mystery and Horror blog today but launch day is about the end of a long process of construction, revision, and reworking the parts to create the whole. In the beginning, a book is an organic project. An idea becomes a cover which becomes the inspiration that spreads through creative minds. On launch day that idea becomes a concrete item, but through the process of spreading the idea changes.

The first change takes place when I give the cover to Sarah and she sends out a call for submissions. It isn't mine anymore. As editor, she has to make the tough decisions about what stories are included and which she turns down. I don't see the contents of the book again until it is time to do the layout.

In the meantime the writers who answer the call and create the stories do their part in shaping the book. Imagination multiplied is a wonderful process to experience. Great stories come from all over the world and only a select few make it into the final product.

All Hallows' Evil sits in front of me, a giant glop of mismatched text by writers who think they have followed the guidelines, but probably have not. I get to discover how they added hidden codes, tabbed instead of using the indent feature of word, emailed themselves the text and worked on a different computer. All those lovely hidden crimes come out when I FORMAT. The final task is to turn that glop into a book that the reader won't throw across the room.

Finally, the book is off to the printer and we can throw a launch party. Today I will be celebrating the completion of the book. So stop by our Facebook page, have a slice of virtual cake, click the "like" button and say hello. Go to Amazon and order a copy. Most of all, send a nice thought to a poor unloved publisher who gets no credit for her mind numbing work.

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